The Glass Road


ZooTemplate ‘The Glass Road’ is the result of creative collaboration with bright and eminent Ukrainian poetess Oksana Zabuzhko. As noted by critics, in this program the ‘Telnyuk: Sisters’ opened the new approach in performance – the birth of a voice (from among a general hum of voices). It is the voice that from a pristine purity gives birth to the music; it is the voice that expresses the edge of an inner emotion. Both lyrics and music become alive thanks to the voice. Because of this, every single element of the concert programme (every song) is a part of the moment in time that brings in the whole world. That is why the songs are the continuation of the moment rather than separate periods of time. Eventually, the programme is perceived as an all-embracing action, similar to a symphonic structure.

This experiment marked the beginning of a new cooperation the ‘Telnyuk: Sisters’ with the famous Ukrainian composer Valentin Silvestrov. He wrote some song (lyrics by Stanislav Telniuk and Lina Kostenko) specially for Halyna and Lesia Telnyuk. These songs will be included in the programme ‘The Glass Road’. Valentin Silvestrov noted that it is ‘brilliant feeling of poetry and understanding of music! It`s undoubtedly talented!’.

Lesya Telnyuk (music, voice)

Halya Telnyuk (poetry,voice)
Sviatoslav Borovyk (cello)
Igor Patsovsiy (cello) 
Maksym Rymar (cello) 
Kostiatyn Kostenko (sound-producer)  

“When we planned our new programme, it was an intellectual provocation from the very beginning, an alternative to all what is happening on the modern Ukrainian stage. But we could not foresee such a powerful and exceptional effect – the effect of explosion, fascination, tears, awe...

The idea of writing a press release came to our mind while we went on a concert tour of many Ukrainian cities.

The world is rapidly moving forward and it`s hard to surprise anybody any more, except with a new model of the iPhone, iPad and themes about the inevitable "doomsday"...  Anyway. The last Nobel laureate in literature (Tomas Tranströmer in 2011) is a poet. Therefore, a poetic language that carries purification, freedom, and high feelings is highly sought after and needed nowadays. 

The poems of Oksana Zabuzhko, a prominent modern Ukrainian poet, are this powerful force which is needed by all generations of Ukrainians and not only. It is Oksana Zabuzhko who brings Ukraine to the world’s attention, by decrypting and passing on the codes of our ancestors, their voices. Zabuzhko is a breakthrough in the Literary World. After many years of Ukraine being ruled with the iron hand of the Soviet Union, her voice is a powerful source of hope in a modern literary language.  As with James Joyce for Irish people, Emily Dickinson for Americans, Shakespeare for English, this is what Oksana Zabuzhko means for us, Ukrainians. 

The Telnyuk Sisters (Honoured Artists of Ukraine and winners of the Vasyl  Stus Prize) are the same mighty voice in a modern musical culture.  The sisters, along with Oksana Zabuzhko, are two artistic forces that have united in an exclusive poetic-musical project named ‘The Glass Road’. 

 ‘The Glass Road’ (music by Lesia Telnyuk) is the music of hope, transmitted by a new and unique Ukrainian school of singing, with shades of dramatic effect, lyricism, intimacy and recitation of poetry to musical accompaniment. It is a theatrical action expounded by a modern language of music and poetry. 

There are no comparable projects, either in Ukraine or in the world. In this case it is possible to see this project as exclusive and unique. The accompaniment, consisting only of three violoncellos, makes of a refined background, where intonations and texts, converted into a magic whisper, strengthen the effect of refinement.   

‘The Glass Road’   is music for giving birth to a new healthy Ukrainian generation.  The intellectual and heroic codes of our ancestors are hidden in it:  strength, love, health, faith, indestructibility.

  ‘The Glass Road’ - is not ethnic, it's not folk and not rock!

It is the blood purification.

It`s the TRANSFUSIONS: Sisters!” 

Nazar Stryhun, 'The Telnyuk: Sisters' Project Director



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