The Telnyuk Sisters is one of the most creative group of Ukraine that actively does the promotion of contemporary Ukrainian music and poetry. The Telnyuk Sisters was founded by composer Lesia Telnyuk and poetess, singer Halyna Telnyuk.

1999 -Ukrainian Art Award ‘Vasyl Stus Prize’ for the preservation and promotion of Ukrainian culture.

All programmes are representing European modern poetic world, because their songs open lyrics by Paul Celan, Emily Dickinson, Rose Auslander, Pavlo Tychyna, Bohdan-Ihor Antonych, Stanislav Telnyuk, Lina Kostenko, Vasyl Stus, Eugene Malaniuk, Oksana Zabuzhko. ‘TS’ performs songs on lyrics by Rilke and Robert Burns in the original.

Halyna and Lesia Telnyuk received prestigious Ukrainian Art Award ‘Vasyl Stus Prize’ for the preservation and promotion of Ukrainian culture. Gambling BetRoulette TopBlackjack Best top 10 online casino

The Telnyuk Sisters is open to the synthetic formats: audiovisual experiments, performances. In Canada (2005) Lesia and Halia Telnyuk were created the first interdisciplinary performance ‘The Sky Above Us’ (multimedia performance with paintings by Canadian artist Igor Polishuk). 

In 2008 the Telnyuk Sisters were presented with poet Dmytro Stus and actor Roman Semysal the happening ‘Stusove Kolo’ -Stus' Circle, which reflects not just Vasyl Stus as poet and literary critic, but also his personal tragedy, his criticism of the regime, his arrest and spenttime in a Soviet prison camp the Gulag. 

In addition, they created theater projects ‘U.B.N.’ -‘Ukrainian Bourgeois Nationalist’, ‘Warsaw melody’, ‘Blue Rose’ (Mariya Zankovetska National Academic Ukrainian Drama Theater in Lviv), ‘Inlay’, ‘Emily Dickinson’ (Kyiv Academic Youth Theatre). Geography of concerts includes U.S.A., Canada, Ireland, United Kingdom, Russia.

In contemporary Ukrainian music Halyna and Lesya Telnyuk have unique status. Critics have qualified the artists' work as "a breath of fresh air", "a tonic against dispair", and "a mystery play of word and music", appropriately terming them "the last bastion of true poetry and music in the domain of the contemporary Ukrainian song". The Telnyuk Sisters' concerts represent unique literary-musical compositions, a synthesis of poetry and song. 

They feature accomplished standing and explore wide-ranging concerns, such as the place of the poet in totalitarian society, internal freedom as a prerequisite for creativity, the question of a search for oneself, for a sence of being: The concert-goer is emmerced into an extraordinary atmosphere, as thought she/he were present at some esoteric happening for those who are privy to a secret, yet at the same time is left with the feeling of being part of a circle of good friends. This is the result of the delicate and sincere dialogue that the duet conducts with their audience. 

The sisters are called "dissidents of show-business" and "banished princesses". They insist on poetry for their lyrics and (unlike the predominant practice) prefere "live" performances, maintaing high aesthetic and professional standards and principles. The audience has responded warmly to the musical stance declared by the Telnyuk Sisters. Their concerts in Ukraine always draw capacity crowds.