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The Glass Road - Feedback/media

Toronto Star: Ukrainian duo the Telnyuk Sisters breaking down language barriers on Canadian tour

Telnyuk Sisters are touring Canada with Toronto artist Ihor Polishchuk whose canvases are a backdrop to their vocal performances

Audiences may not always understand the words, but they’re sure to be moved by the Telnyuk Sisters, whose evocative music and performances break down language barriers.

“It’s very powerful and passionate,” said Tracy Jenkins, co-artistic director at Toronto’s Lula Lounge where the duo from Kyiv, Ukraine perform Tuesday as part of LULAWORLD 2013. “We were struck by the beauty of the music and its power. Audiences will feel it too.”

Jenkins and colleague Jose Ortega were captivated by the duo even before hearing them live and booked them based on latest album The Glass Road, which the vocal duo is currently touring Canada in support of.


Oksana Zabuzhko: Czytam, oglądam, słucham


I’ve just swallowed, in a one-day gulp, The Man Without a Face: The Unlikely Rise of Vladimir Putin by Masha Gessen – an investigation which reads as the black crime novel (with the victims counted, by now, in mass numbers!) - or, if you wish, as a 21st century version of The Resistable Rise of Arturo Ui, only this time nonfictional, and thoroughly documented. All the pieces of the historical puzzle are put together here, and you get a fully convincing account of how post-Soviet Russia, once hungry to grip for its dissolving national identity, fell to its “Arturo Ui” - a small-minded, immoral, and, very likely, psychologically disturbed KGB operative, - and how, before anyone noticed, a grotesque and sinister neo-Stalinist empire has re-emerged out of the void, with a manic ambition “to rule the world”. A must read for everyone willing to keep one’s eyes open to the pitfalls of modern history - or simply to learn how dangerous human ignorance could be, especially when combined with wishful thinking. 


WHAT'S ON: two voices, one road

The Telnyuk Sisters are not one of the most popular musical groups in Ukraine. They are, however, one of the most sophisticated. Mixing rock with ethno and jazz with romance, the rich musical background is provided by Lesya, one of the sisters. The other sister, Halyna, is responsible for the many varied and poetic transitions from one verse to another. Between the two, they make up one of the most intimate, philosophical and meditative acts you will ever see in this country.

 The Telnyuk Sisters have been producing music together for decades, coming out with their first collection of musical interpretation back in 1991. With a new project on the go, called Glass Road, we got Halya in to give us a personal tete-a-tete about what we can expect to see, hear and experience this spring.




«I am an old and devoted admirer of the Telnyuk Sisters creation, right from their presentation of "U.B.N " in Lviv Skarbek theatre. They have wonderful, difficult, multilevel music and lyrics, unique performance.  The girls’ voices - strong and tender - make this duet an original, unique musical and poetic phenomenon. 

Not only I, but the whole our family respects Halia and Lesia very much, their wonderful, creative, musical and patriotic families. Victor Andriyovich and I sincerely thank the Telnyuk Sisters for their support of the exhibition "True rescues from death", devoted to the victims of political repression, tortured in Bykivnya.

I know that Telnyuk Sisters and Oksana Zabuzhko have a special bond and long-standing friendship. Consequently, their common project interested me greatly. However, all that was heard and seen at the evening of Ukrainian romance went beyond all my expectations.  Oksana`s beautiful lyrics , enhanced by the music of Lesia Тelnyuk, multiplied by two wonderful voices reached the heart and mind of everybody in the hall, leaving an unforgettable impression and a wish to listen to it once more, to re-read, to realize, to tell friends, to experience it again…  

My dream is for a modern Ukrainian rock-opera, a libretto written by Oksana Zabuzhko and music created by Telnyuk Sisters »

 Kateryna Yushchenko
(Chairman of Benevolent Fund 3000



«An entirely new synthesis of word and music, a new spin on modern music development, not just Ukrainian, but European and Global. The Telnyuk Sisters have managed to create their own musical theatre that astonishes the public. At the same time, this is a very sophisticated work. The sisters have succeeded in presenting authentic poetic melodies of the ancient Greek muses that were indissolubly united with voice and sound as if in a melting pot»

Oksana Zabuzhko
(Authoress, poet, Ph.D.)



«The Telnyuk Sisters are doing more for Ukraine than politicians do!»

Volodymyr Ogryzko  
(Ukrainian NSDC First Deputy Secretary,  Minister for Foreign Affairs of Ukraine 2007-2009)





«The new program of the Telnyuk Sisters is based on Oksana Zabuzhko words …..Extremely beautiful! »

 Mykola Knyazhytskyy  
(General Director of ТВі channel, journalist)





«The Telnyuk Sisters brought the genre to life with their new programme: romance in their performance maintains the passion of all the newest trends - from a fatal rock-ballad to a chartbuster. And it still sounds advanced. Very sincerely yours»

Yuri Makarov
(Writer, translator, announcer, documentary, journalist)






"Creative work of the Telnyuk Sisters is a pearl of Ukrainian Art!» 

Tereziya Yatseniuk  
(Advisory council Head of fund "Open Ukraine")




«Brilliant feeling of poetry and understanding of music ! It`s undoubtedly talented! »

Valentine Sylvestrov
(Laureate of international competitions, composer)





«We are all in this noisy and lying world, but "The Glass Road" makes us calm, helps us to look deeper into ourselves, into our souls!»

 Fedir Stryhun
bellayoscura.com (People's Artist of Ukraine, laureate of Shevchenko National Prize, main stage-director of Skarbek theatre, lecturer)




«The talent of the Telnyuk Sisters combined with Oksana`s poetry in the new programme, based on Zabuzhko lyrics, look like an architectural refined lace.  The sisters proved to be outstanding drama actresses. Bravo! »

Tayisiya Lytvynenko
(People's Artist of Ukraine, director, Skarbek theatre actress, director, lecturer)




« "The Glass Road" is, first of all, a very feminine project for me. Tender and strong, defenseless and surmounting all obstacles. There is a woman in it, we all are, those who are reflected in glass debris of this road. And as pieces of glass - clean and dark- the voices of Lesia and Halia Telnyuk and the poetry of Oksana Zabuzhko are leading us by this road. You can almost physically feel a woman’s palm touching her child head and her husband, a woman’s hand that tossing the hair back and plucking flowers» 

Larysa Denysenko  
(Authoress, lawyer)



«To go down this "Road" is uneasy. It is so difficult as if to go through a difficult route, mapped by an alpinist-genius. Only those who overcame this route can enjoy the beautiful panorama standing on the very top of the rock. On the other hand, to perceive this music-poetry (real synthesis of Word and Music, the only one that has a right to be called a Song) is as easy as to breathe (if you are used to breathing the clean, honest air of the real art) ".

Roman Kolyada
(Composer, pianist, poet, "Promin" radiostation director)



«The sincerity of feelings and extraordinary intellectuality are charming you, and do not set you free even after the end of the performance. All second-rate things become distant while eternal, things which matter, become meaningful. The “Road of glass" helps us not to lose the feeling of the sky and excellence in the weekday rush»

Valentyna Telychenko
(International lawyer, the representative in the murder case of journalist Georgiy Gongadze)



«Great! Unpredictable! They struck a chord in my heart! »

Andriy Khalpakhchi
(Chairman of the UCF, general  director of the Kyiv International  film festival "Molodist" since 1992)




«Simultaneously with music – a wonderful music - here is an outstanding place for Oksana Zabuzhko, whose poetries became the basis of the programme. Tense, nerve and brittle fragility, clear mind and sensual experience of our world - all are sufficient, all – at the top level. And all of it creates together a truly inevitable flow of emotions and ideas in you that goes deeply into you and up»

Anton Leyba
(Music critic, publisher)



"The Glass Road" is exactly that road of truth, pain and love, the road of Halia and Lesia Telnyuk, the one they are coming through. So real, talented, perfect they are! We thank them for it"!

Halyna Sulyma



«Do not lose your ability to search for something new!» - I`ve recently read in one letter. I would like to readdress these words to the Telnyuk Sisters, because their "The Glass Road" is, in fact, that eternal search for the new - in us, people, art and music.

TheTelnyuk Sisters create a modern myth.  It is definitely not a fairy-tale, but a myth. It is timeless. It by nature narrates something important, not trifling. Everybody, sooner or later, will start to think about the timeless and wish to hear about it. Therefore, you should go to their concert and listen to  "The Glass Road"!

Lesya Honchar (Authoress),
Ruslan Nayda (Sculptor, painter)