In contemporary Ukrainian music Halyna and Lesya Telnyuk have unique status. Critics have qualified the artists' work as "a breath of fresh air", "a tonic against dispair", and "a mystery play of word and music", appropriately terming them "the last bastion of true poetry and music in the domain of the contemporary Ukrainian song".
This experiment marked the beginning of a new cooperation ‘Telnyuk: Sisters’ with the famous Ukrainian composer Valentin Silvestrov. He wrote some song (lyrics by Stanislav Telniuk and Lina Kostenko) specially for Halyna and Lesia Telnyuk.

1. I loved you 

2. Boy boy... 

3. Theorem 

4. Night butterflies 

SONMO (2010)

The SONMO album is a result of permanent creative advancing of The Telnyuk Sisters. Their sound, their themes grew up to unforgettable fusion of life within all her aspects. These feelings have got complete incarnation in every song of SONMO. So, if you want to put yourself into a life sup – let the SONMO swallow your hearing and thoughts. 



Forever. Bohdan-Ihor Antonych (2009)

This album may be called the ethical project – due to its format and content. “Forever” contains of one song and her variations, made by completely different musicians – from The Telnyuk Sisters to “Mertvyj Piven’”, which usually appear to Ukrainian listener as musicians, which would never sing together on the one scene. Nevertheless, this project has got together these people for the one great goal – to remind people the truly beauty of Ukrainian word.


Yellow dandelion (2007)

 “They choose the paths where no one goes…” ( Led Zeppelin)

The sound of yellow dandelion can be described by its name – positive, as yellow sun and delightful, as dandelion. It sounds like confession, which TS share with listener. Every song evokes a feeling, that world of that Yellow Dandelion – your native, your everyday mood and condition. It sounds different every time, depends on mood and weather, though, whenever you listen it – you feel it like your own.