Kyiv: The Glass Road

 Kyiv: The Glass Road

Creative space 'Chasopys' ('Chronicle')
Tolstoy-str., 3, Kyiv 

Tue, 19:00

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‘The Glass Road’   is music for giving birth to a new healthy Ukrainian generation.  The intellectual and heroic codes of our ancestors are hidden in it:  strength, love, health, faith, indestructibility.

  ‘The Glass Road’ - is not ethnic, it's not folk and not rock! It is the blood purification. It`s the TRANSFUSIONS: Sisters!” 

Web Conference with the Telnyuk Sisters

October 24, at 15:00, on the site RegioNews News Agency held the Web conference with the Telnyuk Sisters. You can ask about new programm "The Glass Road" here:
Journalists can register by phone 2788080, 0978413005.
Address: Kyiv, str. Khreschatyk, 10-B, 3rd Floor, off. 8.

Lviv: The Glass Road

Lviv: The Glass Road 

The Les Kurbas Theatre, 3, Les Kurbas st.
Lviv Book Forum presents the program 'The Glass Road' by the Telnyuk Sisters.





Kyiv: The Glass Road

Kyiv: The Glass Road  

The Ivan Honchar Museum - 19 Lavrska Street, Kyiv
Independence Day of Ukraine with 'The Glass Road' by the Telnyuk Sisters.



Kyiv: The Glass Road

Kyiv: The Glass Road 

Kyiv academic workshop theater "Suzirya" (Constellation)
'The Glass Road' (music by Lesia Telnyuk) is the music of hope, transmitted by a new and unique Ukrainian school of singing, with shades of dramatic effect, lyricism, intimacy and recitation of poetry to musical accompaniment.