STUS’ Circle (2012)

 Stus’circle is a literature-musical performance, created in 2008.

Stus’circle contains of poems, lists, diaries, articles, documents and memories of people, which have been close to Vasyl  Stus’ life. There’re five circles of his life – childhood, poetry, love, loneliness and death. Emotional  and stressful, performance shows us a tragic destiny of poet, cruelty of soviet system and philosophy of poetic word, which Stus left in Ukranian’s heritage.

Though, turns ordinary memory evening into unusual action, which presents new format of such evenings. It helps to break borders of corny traditions of such events.




Director: Serhiy Proskurnia

Dmytro Stus – poet, narrator

Roman Semysal – actor, author of the idea


Lesia Telnyuk – voice, music

Oleg Putiatin – bass, guitar

Roman Surzha  - guitar

Ivan Nebesnyj – keyboards, grand piano

Mykola Tomasyshyn – drums

Sound producer: Kostyantyn Kostenko



Incrustations (2010)

Incrustations – literature-musical performance, joint project of Young Theater (Kyiv) and the Telnyuk Sisters, with support of “KOMORA” recording studio.

Premier of  “Incrustations” was dedicated to the birthday of famous Ukranian poetess Lina Kostenko (19th of March, 2010).




Director : Olena Sharapenko

Actresses: National Artist of Ukraine Lidia Vovkun and Honored Artists of Ukraine Halyna and Lesia Telnyuk

Music by: Lesia Telnyuk

Production designer:  Volodymyr karashewskij

Video projection:  Jaroslawa Kravchenko

Sound producer: Kostyantyn Kostenko

Photographer – Julia Horobej

Designer – Ivan Kushnir

Director of project – Nazar Stryhun


Recorded by “KOMORA” recording studio

Grand piano - Steinway & Sons D-274

TELNYUK: Rehearsal

  "TELNYUK: Rehearsal" is a first video project of duo. Presented in 21st January, 2011, it instigates new vision on the older songs of TS.

 “Rehearsal” is video-project, which marked the ending of work at “Yellow dandelion” album. As usual, rehearsal is very intimate process, which can be seen only by dearest friends. But now, Telnyuk Sisters are sharing this atmosphere of rehearsal with listener, so you can join their feelings and get in the mystery of creative process on the recording studio. 


 Video recording was made in August, 13, 2009.



Halyna Telnyuk – voice

Lesia Telnyuk – voice, pandora, keyboards

Oleg Putiatin – bass, guitar, percussion

Roman Surzha  - guitar

Ivan Nebesnyj – keyboards, grand piano

Mykola Tomasyshyn – drums

Music by:  Lesia Telnyuk

Lyrics by: Halyna Telnyuk (1, 4, 5, 6, 7), Stanislav Telnyuk (2), Lesia Telnyuk (3), Bohdan-Igor Antonych (8,9), Paul Celan (10), Rose Auslender (11)